Soft Matter Becomes Tough!

An international team of academic and industrial researchers has invented a new way to manufacture elastomers that are as tough - and as resistant to fracture - as most elastomers, which are reinforced by additives.
These results have just been published in Science.

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Editorial, Exceptional events, Innovation | 26/04/2013

JPEG - 43.8 kbThe CNP Assurances Foundation is giving its support to the École Supérieure of Industrial Physics and Chemistry of the City of Paris (ESPCI ParisTech) in its ambitious research project directed by Mickael Tanter (photo), intended to improve the detection and management of heart contraction abnormalities. These dysfunctions affect one million individuals in France and are responsible for numerous deaths.

Editorial, Exceptional events | 04/04/2013

Jean-Louis Missika, Jacques Lewiner et Frédéric Vincent signent la convention de mécénat scientifique © Sylvain Modet / NexansOn March 20 at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, the École Supérieure of Industrial Physics and Chemistry of the City of Paris, the company Nexans and the ESPCI Georges Charpak Endowment Fund signed an agreement to create a partnership promoting excellence in research. At the heart of the project lies the science and technology of the transport of energy.

Editorial, Awards | 20/03/2013

Ludwik Leibler © CNRS/Photothèque/Cyril_FRESILLONLudwik Leibler, associate professor at ESPCI ParisTech, director of the Laboratory for Soft Matter and Chemistry and director of exceptional research at the CNRS, receives the CNRS Medal for Innovation, which rewards individuals whose exceptional research has led to noteworthy innovations for technology, economics, therapeutics and society.

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From Bench to Bedside: nanoparticle aqueous solutions heal wounds in vivo

Ludwik Leibler and his colleagues published today spectacular evidence that nanoparticle aqueous solutions - a method invented a few months ago at ESPCI ParisTech - do indeed heal wounds in vivo.

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