Research topics/Les thèmes de recherche

As can be seen from the list of subjects below, we keep rather busy keeping up to date on several different applications of optic technology. This outlay is representative of the "official" structural organization of the laboratory, but the true interworkings are much looser, of course. Each of these large "themes" is an umbrella for a few closely related research projects, with several permanent and student researchers.

In this exhibition, each research project is presented by a short introduction (in layman's terms) of the objectives and principles involved. Further technical information is available in more detail by following the links in the introduction. Publication abstracts and contact addresses are available from the documents. 


Photothermal detection schemes

Photorefractive Materials
Microscopy and the science of imaging

Low absorption measurements - VIRGO optics

New optics materials

Superconductivity, interfaces and microstructures
(ESPCI Laboratoire de Physique du Solide)


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