Research | 28/10/2016
Researchers from CNRS, ESPCI Paris, and Saint-Gobain used a 3D imaging technique of X-ray micro-tomography to follow the evolution of a mixture of molten glass at high temperature. They shed new light on an original mechanism of liquids fragmentation, which might apply to texturing glasses at  Read more

Exceptional events | 24/10/2016

On November 14th, ESPCI Paris will welcome Pr. Oren Scherman, from Cambridge University, for an Aldrirch Lecture. He will speak about "Control of functional materials and supramolecular network dynamics at both the molecular and colloidal length scales".

Research | 07/10/2016

Researchers have created a wave memory system capable of elementary operations which is the first step toward a Turing machine.

Research | 15/07/2016

In october the IPGG will held an international conference in honour of Liliane Léger.

Life at ESPCI Paris | 15/07/2016

Want to discover this unique place in Paris? Watch our new presentation video!

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