Exceptional events | 25/03/2016
On March 14th, the Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes (IPGG) for microfluidics, of which ESPCI is a key partner, inaugurated its new facilities; French President François Hollande and the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, were in attendance. All 4,000 square meters of this world-class research center  Read more

Life at ESPCI ParisTech | 17/03/2016
On February 19th, around 500 persons gathered at the city hall of Paris for the graduation ceremony of the ESPCI students 130th promotion. All the représentatives of the school attended the event to solemnly deliver the diploma to students who spent 4 years learning multidiscplinary lessons,  Read more

Exceptional events | 17/03/2016
We are pleased to announce that the International Summer School on Physics and Mechanics of Soft Complex Materials (PHASME, August 8-20, 2016, Cargese, France) is open for application. This 10-day school aims at the formation of students and researchers with a double culture in physics and  Read more

Exceptional events | 26/02/2016

Research | 30/11/2015

A team from the Langevin Institute (ESPCI,CNRS, Inserm) led by Mickaël Tanter, Inserm research director at ESPCI, has just passed a crucial step towards super high resolution ultrasound medical imaging. Scientists managed to report on the non invasive in vivo rat brain vascular activity, with a much better resolution than any other existing technique. Far from common ultrasound imaging, the technique was rather inspired by ultra high optical resolution (FPALM) which was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2014. Their work was published in the prestigious journal Nature and constitutes an important breakthrough for biomedical imaging. It is the first microscopic imaging technique allowing to see deep into living tissues. Potential applications are numerous, from the early detection of cancer tumors or other cardiovascular and neurologic pathologies.

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