Research | 15/07/2016

In october the IPGG will held an international conference in honour of Liliane Léger.

Life at ESPCI Paris | 15/07/2016

Want to discover this unique place in Paris? Watch our new presentation video!

Research | 15/07/2016

Can a wave be living its past life again? Yes, and instantaneously, researchers say after they tested their process with water waves.

Research | 15/07/2016

Counterintuitive finding could lead to new materials with unique optical properties that are useful for a host of light-based applications.

Life at ESPCI Paris | 14/07/2016
The school of Nobel Prizes has changed appearance. ESPCI Paris has adopted a new image satisfying the ambitious strategy of the institution. Both classical and modern, the logo plays with the universal codes of the best international universities. The engineering school of the city of Paris  Read more

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