Coming to ESPCI Paris

ESPCI Paris has a clear desire to welcome more foreign students and researchers. To achieve these goals, our International Relations Department is pursuing a demanding policy of targeting the best students and researchers. The first quality of our academic and scientific partners is indeed excellence.

Most of the foreign students welcomed at ESPCI are benefitting from a grant delivered by governments, ESPCI Found or our industrial partners. This is particularly true when the students are following a double degree program.

I Graduate students

A/ Engineering Cycle

a) Double-degrees

Fifteen per cent of foreign students are enrolled in the engineering cycle and a large proportion of them are involved in a double degree program. These double degrees are the result of special agreements signed with our international partners and guarantee to the students the recognition of education received at their host university and at ESPCI Paris.

The majority of foreign students in dual degrees are selected thanks to a coordinated ParisTech recruitment process in Brazil, Colombia, China and Russia.
ESPCI Paris recognizes Brazil and China as its priority. According to the agreements signed, the students follow a two- to three-year curriculum that gives him the ESPCI ingeneering degree, or ESPCI’s Advanced Master of Science and Engineering Diploma, as well as their home university degree.

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b) ESPCI curriculum

Other foreign students welcomed in ESPCI Paris promotions are laureates of open national competition passed at the end of French preparatory courses. Their admission may also be based on application file submitted to the Dean of Studies. These students follow the ESPCI 3 + 1 year curriculum.

c) Erasmus

ESPCI is organized in winter semesters from September to March and in summer semesters from April to August.
Erasmus students selected for an exchange semesters by their home university are welcome at ESPCI. However, they must follow a very demanding internal selection process at ESPCI, which must begin on average five months before the arrival of the student and we give the priority to an integration in our third year.

ESPCI also welcomes Erasmus students looking for an internship in our laboratories or in our administrative departments.

d) Internships in our laboratories

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Every year we receive students from all over the world doing their internships in our laboratories. These students come from specific exchange programs, as it is the case with McGill University in Canada or MIT in the United Stated, but we also respond to spontaneous applications.

A list of research projects proposed in our laboratories is broadcasted each year in March. The link between foreign students and ESPCI’s laboratories is ensured by our International Relations Department.

B/ Scholarships for foreign students

Foreign students benefit most times from scholarships when they choose to come to ESPCI for a double degree or for the whole engineering curriculum:
The grants are delivered by:
-  Their government: Brafitec, CSC etc.
-  The French Government: Eiffel Excellence Scholarship
-  Our industrial partners: Michelin, Total, Sanofi
-  ESPCI’s Found: two to three grants are allocated each year to foreign students.

C/ Masters

Masters co-accredited by ESPCI are open to foreign students:
-  PSL Research Masters,
-  PSL Institute of Technology and Innovation.

II PhD students

Benefitting from numerous scientific collaborations worldwide, research at ESPCI is definitely endowed with an international scientific richness.
ESPCI Paris hosts thirty per cent of foreign doctoral students every year. The internationalization of the doctoral workforce is steadily increasing since the beginning of a dynamic dual doctorate degree policy.

For more information, please write to: international (arobase)

application file for the engineering cycle:
Motivation letter/professional project
Grades of the last three years
Recommandation letters

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