Doctoral and post-doctoral

ESPCI ParisTech currently hosts about 150 PhD students and 100 post-docs from a variety of countries and disciplines. If you hold a Masters degree or equivalent foreign degree and are interested in a PhD program or if you already have a PhD and are interested in a post-doctoral stay in a laboratory of ESPCI ParisTech, visit the laboratories’ web sites that typically display around March-April the PhD positions that will be offered in the fall and anytime of the year open postdoctoral positions.

ESPCI ParisTech does not issue a PhD degree in its own name and PhD students are enrolled in one of the Parisian Doctoral Schools who will confirm the suitability of their previous degrees to enroll in the PhD program. the diploma will be given jointly by the Université Pierre et Marie Curie and te ESPCI-ParisTech

A French thesis in the sciences does typically last three years (full-time research) and is fully funded. Funding for a thesis can come from a variety of sources such as : industrial research contracts, European Union funded research projects or French national research agency (ANR) projects. Funding can also come from French or foreign fellowships. Potential applicants should check with the laboratories on the nature of the funding for the thesis project and on the amount of the salary that is proposed which is quite variable (typically from 1500 to 1800 Euros/month but there are fluctuations). The doctoral school will not accept enrollment in the doctoral program without proof of funding.

The same applies to post-doctoral positions except for the duration. Most of the time, funding for a post-doc will be granted for one or two years, rarely above. Most post-docs are paid 2100-2400 Euros/month net salary but this can vary widely depending on the type of fellowship held by the post-doctoral researcher or its age and scientific level. If you are interested the best is to contact the laboratory and/or particular researcher offering the position and inquire about opportunities.

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