Doctoral and post-doctoral

Thanks to its network of international academic partners, ESPCI Paris offers its students numerous opportunities for a double degree and rich academic experiences.

Almost all of our engineering students experience at least one long stay abroad and have the opportunity to study in a different country in the form of a double degree, academic exchanges or internships in laboratory or a company. The engineering students can thus pursue their international experience around the globe and be welcomed by our academic partners.

I Engineering cycle

a) Double-degree

It is possible for ESPCI students to pursue a double degree abroad if their academic results allow it. Departures for Double-diplomas take place in the second or third year, depending on the signed agreement. These departures must be anticipated one year before as the student will follow a precise selection process at ESPCI Paris and at the Host University.
The selected student will spend an average of two years abroad after which he will graduate from ESPCI and the Host University.

b) Research project and industrial internship

At the end of the engineering cycle, all ESPCI students benefit from an international experience. They can choose to carry out their research project or industrial internship abroad with our academic or industrial partners.

c) Athens week

ParisTech network enables ESPCI’s students to participate in the ATHENS (Advanced Technology High Education Network Socrates) program. One week is thus dedicated to a compulsory intensive training in one of the universities of the european Athens Network.

II PhD students

Benefitting from numerous scientific collaborations worldwide, research at ESPCI is definitely endowed with an international scientific richness.
ESPCI Paris hosts thirty per cent of foreign doctoral students every year. The internationalization of the doctoral workforce is steadily increasing since the launch of a dynamic joint PhD program with foreign universities.

III Grants to study abroad

ESPCI Paris wants each of its students to benefit from at least one mobility abroad. These mobilities are supported by different grants :

-  Erasmus+ : ESPCI Paris benefits from ERASMUS+ scholarships dedicated to the financing of semesters of studies, but also for research projects or industrial internships.
-  Amie : The Région Île de France provides us with an envelope that we distribute to student based on social criteria, promoting hence their first mobility.
-  ESPCI Paris Found provides financial support for ESPCI students.
-  Athens scholarship : is a social grant of 200 euros dedicated to the mobility proposed in the Athens program.
-  Cofund : the Cofund program UPtoPARIS allows ESPCI to welcome PhD students (

For more information, please write to : international (arobase)

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