ESPCI ParisTech has long-standing relations in the areas of research and education with many of the world’s top universities. The School’s research laboratories have established close ties under European Union contracts and, more broadly, with leading research groups in major academic centers.

The City of Paris provides active support, including funding, for international researchers invited through two Invited Chair programs: the Joliot Chair and the Paris Sciences Chair. In 2009, the Joliot Chair hosted 30 researchers for a total of 65 months, and the Paris Sciences Chair hosted six researchers for a total of 14 months.

The Michelin group has provided support in this way since 2009, through the Michelin Chair, which invited 6 high-level international researchers for a total of ten months in 2010.

ESPCI ParisTech offers holders of the Chairs, for a modest rent, seven on-campus housing units, which were occupied throughout the year.
Students at ESPCI ParisTech can fulfill their mandatory third-year industrial internship requirement either in France or abroad, and nearly two-thirds, on average, opt for an international internship. And while there is no obligation to do so, many students spend their fourth year in a foreign university, whether through specific agreements between ESPCI ParisTech and partner universities (ERASMUS), or through individual initiatives (in Masters programs). ESPCI ParisTech, in turn, hosts students from those institutions.

As a member of ParisTech, the School also participates in the ATHENS program. Third-year students follow a week-long intensive course at another ParisTech school, or in one of the 12 European universities that are partners in the program.

ESPCI ParisTech also participates in a program to host students from China, Brazil and Russia, in partnership with ParisTech. Students take second- and third-year courses at ESPCI ParisTech, and are awarded our School’s diploma upon completion of their studies.

International Relations

Bénédicte Ravier

Director, International Relations

Costantino Creton, PhD

Contact for China (doctoral program) and Brazil

Annie Colin, PhD

Councillor to ESPCI Executive Board in matter of International Relations

10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris