The ESPCI ParisTech Library was officially opened in 1933 by Paul Langevin (1872-1946), the School’s then Director.
The Library’s mission is to make available to students and faculty the documentary resources (printed and electronic) and the bibliographical research tools required for the purpose of education and research. It has a specialized collection in physics, chemistry, and engineering.

In addition, the Historical Resource Center (CRH, Centre de Ressources Historiques) at ESPCI ParisTech, which operates under the AUSPICES of the Library, has the mission of preserving and showcasing the institution’s historical and scientific heritage.

To accomplish its twofold mission, the ESPCI ParisTech Library can call on the institution’s own resources and on its versatile team of professionals. It cooperates with the other libraries in the ParisTech network, university libraries, the libraries in the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève area, and the documentary research centers of major research institutions including CNRS.
The Library has been a member of the Couperin consortium since 2001.