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Counterintuitive finding could lead to new materials with unique optical properties that are useful for a host of light-based applications.


A team from the Langevin Institute (ESPCI,CNRS, Inserm) led by Mickaël Tanter, Inserm research director at ESPCI, has just passed a crucial step towards super high resolution ultrasound medical imaging.


Save the Date : ’Liquids @Interfaces’ conference

In october the IPGG will held an international conference in honour of Liliane Léger.

Gellified foams for decontamination processes

Two research teams from ESPCI and Saint-Gobain developed a fabrication process of foams made of a highly viscous polymer gel. The so formed foams have much better properties than the standard surfactant ones: they are ultra-stables for several weeks, and once in touch with a liquid deposited on a surface, they absorb it very quicky without destabilizing.


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