Paris-Moscow: Reinforcing academic exchanges


On 4-5 June 2018, a delegation of professors and research scholars from ESPCI Paris will attend a joint conference at Lomonosov Moscow State University on soft matter and polymers (see the detailed program), among other topics. On the same occasion, the school intends to develop an exchange internship program for foreign students.

It is now evident that today’s engineers need to work within an international framework. Students, therefore, must be able to communicate with foreign speakers, and understand their culture and working methods. In order to take this international dimension into account, ESPCI Paris changed the curriculum of its students in 2017. Engineering students are now required to carry out their third-year industrial internship or research project abroad. At the same time, around 20 students from our partner institutes (MIT, Nanjing University, Polytechnic Institute of Milan, Polytechnic School Alger, University of California-San Diego, University of Ghent, Weizmann Institute) will be welcomed into our laboratories. This exchange should also give foreign students the possibility of being integrated into the engineering cycle or of doing their PhD at ESPCI Paris. In order to broaden the list partners and further develop the international exchange program, a series of lectures are planned with our partner schools, beginning with the Lomonosov Mosocow State University. An internship exchange program, funded with through the ESPCI Paris Fund, will also be set up with Lomonossov after the event.