Amaury Lambert (Collège de France). Biophysics Seminar ESPCI-ENS

18 November 2016 13:00 » 14:00 — ESPCI, Amphi Urbain, Ground Floor, Staircase N

Chromosome painting

This talk is about a simple mathematical model of neutral population genetics with recombination. We assume that at time 0, all individuals of a haploid population have their unique chromosome painted in a distinct color. Now at each birth event, the chromosome of the newborn is a mosaic of its two parental chromosomes. When t is large, all individuals end up with the same painted chromosome. How does this chromosome look like?
This work is in progress with Emmanuel Schertzer and Veronica Miro Pina. It is intended to lead to tests of selection or of demographic changes on timescales where mutations are absent.