Biophysics seminar : Samantha Vernhettes (INRA Versailles)

20 mai 2016 12:45 » 14:15 — A1 (Urbain)

Dynamics and regulation of cellulose synthesis machinery during cell growth

Plant growth and organ formation require the precise control of cellular expansion. Cell wall structure is a major factor influencing cell shape, by generating growth anisotropy. Cellulose microfibrils constitute an important component of the cell wall, and their developmentally-regulated deposition has been shown to play a major role in establishing anisotropic growth in coordination with the cortical microtubules. Although cellulose is known to be synthesized by large plasma membrane-bound complexes, the composition and regulation of these complexes is poorly understood. Genetic studies in Arabidopsis have identified several proteins essential for primary cell wall synthesis, including six cellulose synthase catalytic subunits (CESA) and a cellulase KOR1. We are now exploring the link between the mechanical properties of the cell wall and its composition.

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