Michaël Benzaquen (PCT, Gulliver, ESPCI)

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4 décembre 2015 11:00 » 12:00 — Bureau d’Etudes

Waves and wakes at different scales

Simply by looking at a duck swimming in a pond or a cargo ship moving on a calm sea, one can clearly tell that there is something common about their wake. Indeed, they both display a familiar V-shaped pattern which only differ from one another by their dimensions. In 1887, Lord Kelvin was able to provide a theory to explain the ship-wave pattern. His most popular achievement was to prove that the wake created by a disturbance moving at a uniform pace is always delimited by a straight wedge with half-angle 19.5 degrees, independent of the velocity of the disturbance. Recently, Kelvin’s century old and well accepted theory was challenged, by that drawing the attention of the fluid dynamics community…

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