Olivier Rivoire (LIPhy Grenoble)

13 février 2013 14:00 » 15:00 — A6 (Boreau)

LBC seminar : Olivier Rivoire (LIPhy Grenoble), Feb 13th, 14:00 amphi Boreau (B, 2nd floor)

Protein sectors : co-evolution in and between proteins

I will present work done in collaboration with the group of Rama Ranganathan (UT Southwestern, Dallas) to infer patterns of co-evolution in proteins from the analysis of multiple sequence alignments. This work has led us to introduce the notion of "protein sectors", for groups of co-evolving positions with distinct functional properties. Several nearly independent sectors can coexist within a single protein domain, and a sector can also be shared between different domains. I will illustrate these different possibilities and explain how the decomposition of three-dimensional structures into sectors sheds light on the function and evolution of proteins.

contact : clement.nizak (arobase) espci.fr

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